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Three little doggies on the window. (Difficult to draw that tiny!)

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So many different styles to draw . . . .

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A favorite drawing!

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A whole family history can be told in a single drawing.

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The new U.D. note cards are now available at the Bookstore or from me. The Bookstore has individual cards and variety 6-packs. Contact me for custom combinations.

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Four UD drawings are featured in note card packs at the Bookstore! Packs will include Miriam Hall, St. Joseph Hall, St. Mary’s Hall, UD Arena, The Chapel, and Kettering Labs.

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Announcing “HERITAGE OF WAYNESVILLE” Special Edition Prints

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DAAP Building, UC

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If you would like to check out what I am working on from week to week, visit my facebook page — Kathy Gross Pen & Ink Originals.

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My Big Art : If you want to see LARGE examples of my work, stop in at Homewood Suites Hotel on Contemporary Lane by the Dayton Mall. The foyer is home to 5 of my drawings.The new ones depict famous historical homes from the area.

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